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Community Outreach

At Talbot Park Baptist Preschool, we pride ourselves on our sense of community. We have special events throughout the year to get our families, as well as our community involved in our mission. Not only do we host these special events, but we also partner with outreach programs to give back to the community when we are able.


Pumpkin Patch

Every year our school hosts a pumpkin patch for the community. The patch is open the entire month of October and is completely volunteer run. The pumpkins are delivered from a farm in North Carolina and sold here on our front lawn. Throughout the month we have different activities held in the pumpkin patch such as pony rides, movie night in the patch, a Fall Festival and other fun events all open to the public! The proceeds from the pumpkin patch go to playground upgrades, curriculum enhancement, and classroom improvements.

Giving Back

"It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving." - Mother Teresa

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